Wednesday, February 29

NYC dos mil once

2011 was my first trip to NYC.

We stayed with Todd's brother Scott who lives in the West Village, and had an amazing time eating and gallery hopping. Bros catching up in Scott's sweet flat:

This was a cool installation in Chelsea. There was an exercise bike that when you pedal, the lights start to lift off the ground. Look closely and you can see the cables attached to the lights.

We happened to be there during Restaurant Week, and got to go to places like Otto where I had the finest dessert known to man, while scoping out Mario Batali, who was sitting in the corner in the same room... This was the goofy look on my face the whole time while eating this dessert. We went back two more times to have it!

We also ate at Yerba Buena. Todd and I were not drinking alcohol during this trip, so desserts took it's place.

Mesa (Bobby Flay's restaurant)

and Momofuku (during the good-ol' meat-eating days!)

I wanted to see it ALL and eat it ALL, so we walked a lot. (
Having a geeky Frida moment at MOMA.)

Due to the loads of snow while we were there, our flight got cancelled, which gave us more time to spend money on ridiculously good food. In NYC, shopping and spending is what you do.

After spending in 8 days what I spent in 2 months in Mexico, we were happy to get back to Louisville.

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